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Green Teacher 33, April-May 1993


Sidewalk Botany by Sandra K. Riedel
Rediscovering nature on our doorsteps opens up a kaleidoscope of educational opportunities.

Wild Recipes
A selection of easy recipes using wild plants.

Designing a Green City by Iori Miller
Secondary students apply principles of ecology to develop models of sustainable urban living.

Child Rights – Earth Rights by Alanda Greene
This four-part activity integrates many areas of the curriculum to help kids in grades 4-8 explore the connections between protecting the rights of children and caring for the environment.

Organizing a student conference by Fay Katay
Hosted by a dynamic group of Calgary teachers and parents, the annual Guardians of the Planet conference provides a model for organizing similar events.

Where in the World? by Sylvia Helmer
This whole school activity promotes a sense of community and may reveal a surprising diversity of backgrounds.

Exploring Diversity by Rita Furgiuele
Activities for multicultural education for junior grades.

A Child in a New Land: A personal reminiscence by Kathleen Winter
The author reflects on her childhood experience as a British immigrant adapting to her new home in Newfoundland.

We CAN get there from here by Patti Thurmeier
An ambitious Asia-Pacific Project is leading kids to appreciate cultures very different from their own.

Over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

(This issue available as photocopy only)

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