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Green Teacher 36, Dec-Jan 1993-1994


Non to junk mail and urban pesticides

Amanda’s petition

Learners in Action hits the 3000 school plateau 

The importance of biodiversity by Terry Lawson Dunn
Addressing the root causes of local and global biodiversity loss is the key to understanding and working toward sustainable development.

A bottle full of global education by Tom Lyons
In one polluted creek is a story of human rights, of development and of the limitations of back to the basics education.

Eco-parents: vital links in greening our schools by Liz Newberry
A profile of just a few of the outstanding environmental education efforts by parents across Canada.

All Species Projects by Marty Kraft
All Species projects build a sense of community while re-establishing our connection to the natural world.

A stellar night for first graders by Liz Kornelson
An overnight trip with grade one students opens the door to a love of nature.

Enjoying winter with your class by Gareth Thomson and Sue Arlidge
Outdoor activities for learning about animals’ adaptations to the snowy season.

Local heroes: Students meet the activists by Rhonda Hustler
Citizen activists can demonstrate to students the practical strategies needed for environmental change.

Misconceptions about classroom conflict resolution by Mary Anne Buchowski
Conflict resolution is broader than mediation and more than simply a pocketful of techniques.

Teaching the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity

World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity

A beginner’s guide to FreeNets by Emma McMillan and Richard Kool
With a computer and modem, you and your class may soon have access to a global library of environmental information.

Healthy Schools: perils of permanent markers by Linda Cuddy

And as always, over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

(This issue available as photocopy only)

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