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Green Teacher 44, Oct-Nov 1995


16th Envirothon: A North American Event by Tim Grant

Democratic education for environmental stewardship by Peter Corcoran and Margaret Pennock
Lessons from a school that has been practising authentic democracy for more than two decades.

Shifting paradigms: a new look at animals in classrooms by Stephen Huddart and Craig Naherniak
Children who collectively and individually experience looking after animals develop confidence, cooperative spirit, empathy and respect, extending to classmates and beyond.

Small Scale Science by Alan Slater
A “small is better” technique that dramatically reduces the quantity of chemicals used in science classes.

Global morning: A consumer awareness activity by Mary Gale Smith
An eye-opening lesson for secondary students on the implications of consumerism.

College education with a difference by Miriam Weinstein
Tips for helping senior students choose a college or university that will support their desire to make a better world.

Journey to the future: Creative visualization with children by Jane Hamilton
An imaginary journey that became the springboard for a year long study of alternative futures.

A new story in grade nine science by Susan M. Drake, Bruce Hemphill and Ron Chappell
Learning to ask meaningful questions and answer them in a systematic way that shows respect for the environment.

Planet Earth: Endangered Species by Gareth Thomson
Focus on local endangered species.

Inside the Internet: Listservs by Richard Kool
How to use Internet mailing lists.

And as always, over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

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