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Green Teacher 46, Feb-Mar 1996


Why disturb the world outside? by Bert Horwood
The motivation for outdoor education.

Jumping Deadfall by Glenda Hanna
Overcoming barriers to implementing outdoor and environmental education.

Food chains in and around the school by Ralph Ingleton
Tracing sources of favourite foods.

Connecting with the natural world by Gail Fathoullina-Reddick
An outdoor activity to encourage middle grade students to see relationships in nature.

The single concept field trip by Clarke Birchard
A collection of quick single-topic outings for primary or junior classes.

On Being a Naturalist by David J. Hawke
A poem.

Survival! by David Dawe and Lesley Thompson
A wilderness survival simulation to develop leadership skills at the secondary level.

McQueen Lake: Ducking the cuts by Katie McCormack
The McQueen Lake Environmental Centre in British Columbia offers a model for cash-strapped school boards trying to establish outdoor education facilities.

Sealife Science Workshop by Donna Waters
In a treeless land where plants bloom in July, outdoor education presents a few challenges.

Solar Box Lunch by Sue LeBeau
Making and using solar box cookers in the classroom is a tasty way to learn the principles of solar energy.

Women’s Role in Sustainable Development by Leslie Dawson
Women have a major role to play in planning for sustainable development. In much of the world it is they who manage the forests, the soil and the water in their communities.

A letter from Kazakhstan to North American teachers by Nadezhda Berkova

Planet Earth: Sustainability by Jim Petrie
Focus on sustainability and trying to provide students with a context in which to analyze many of the vital issues which face the people and the planet.

Inside the Internet: Life on the Web by Richard Kool
Introduction to the World Wide Web.

And as always, over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

(This issue available as photocopy only)

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