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Green Teacher 49, Fall 1996


We Saved the Elephants… Or Did We? by Alan Warner
Taking a closer look at the impact of donations to good causes.

Wild Spaces and Species: Adoption and Habitat Conservation Programs
A listing of some international and North American adoption and conservation programs established for the protection of wild animals and their habitats.

A Mohawk Vision of Education: The Ahkwesahsne Science and Math Pilot Project by Mary Henderson
The Ahkwesahsne Science and Math Project is a holistic bioregional curriculum designed to help students learn to walk in two worlds.

Structuring an Outdoor Environmental Multi-Credit Course by Kevin Simms
The development of a high school integrated outdoor curriculum.

Around the World in 90 Days by Michelle Cusolito and Bill White
Two fourth grade teachers and their students in Plymouth, Massachusetts have a plan for visiting seven continents in 90 days without ever leaving the classroom.

Exploring Waterworlds: Telecommunications for Young Children by Kristi Rennebohm Franz and Jane McLane
Through telecommunications with peers around the globe, these young primary students are sharing their learning and voicing their concerns about the health of the world’s water habitats.

Teaching Human Rights: A Case Study Approach by Gavin B. Hainsworth
Through critical thinking and democratic porcess, students can learn about human rights in ways that emphasize detailed analysis rather than media sound bites, and peaceful resolution rather than “winners” and “losers.”

Planet Earth: Food – A First Essential by Helen Peterson
Activities that focus on food– its production, its distribution, its great diversity around the world and its importance in human culture.

And as always, over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

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