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Green Teacher 50, Winter 1996


Educating for Action by William F. Hammond
A framework for thinking about the place of action in environmental education.

Youth in Action: Tipping the Legislative Balance by Tim Grant
A group of inner city students join the campaign to pass an important environmental bill in the state legislature.

Thinking Spatially: GIS in the High School Classroom by Marsha Alibrandi
Introducing Geographic Information Systems.

The One World Cake by Jackie Kirk
This simple and adaptable recipe provides a tasty focal point for exploring how our food links us to people and places around the world.

Protecting Our Urban Forests by Judith Benson
The Adopt-an-Elm program in Saskatoon aims to increase awareness of the value of trees in the urban environment and to help slow the invasion of Dutch elm disease.

Water Conservation in Jordan by Mona Grieser, Barbara Rawlins, and Khulood Tubaishat
Developing a hands-on water conservation curriculum in this arid land required a sensitivity to traditional sex roles and a dramatic departure from traditional teaching methodologies.

Teaching about Hunger by Daniel Kriesberg
Exploring the topic of hunger in grades 4-6 is an avenue to understanding environmental problems, global economics and the politics of food aid.

Planet Earth: The Outdoor Classroom by Matt Neilsen, Andrea Swanson, Char Bezanson, Nalani McCutcheon, Gary Deason, Craig Johnson and Bill Lindquist (SNAP)
Focus on investigating local ecosystems, whether in the schoolyard or further afield.

Inside the Internet: Ecotheology on the net by Richard Kool

And as always, over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

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