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Green Teacher 52, Summer 1997


Remystifying the City by Randy Haluza-Delay
Reawakening the sense of wonder in our own backyards.

The making of the Tropical Tribune by Harold Butch Beedle
Publishing an interdisciplinary newspaper read by teachers and students across the country has given sixth graders a new reason to learn about tropical rainforests.

The Debate about Hemp by Sara Francis
Many believe that a return to commercial hemp farming could alleviate many environmental and economic problems. In this role play, students explore the controversy surrounding the legalization of industrial hemp.

Ecological Restoration: Bringing back the Prairie by Molly Fifield Murray
The restoration process outlined here has been used primarily for prairie restoration, but can be used to restore any ecosystem for which the site is suitable.

Teaching with a Prairie Restoration by Robin Greenler
Planting a prairie provides students with the opportunity to learn ecological concepts and to study the natural and cultural history of their site.

Homegrown Hope: The Youth Farmstand Project by Monique Baron, Michael Hamm and Michelle Wilson
Creating and operating summer farmstands, New Jersey students are gaining entrepreneurial skills and providing a valuable service to inner-city communities.

The Great Lakes Food Web by Marjane L. Baker
A read-aloud drama for Grades 4-9 that helps students separate the predators from the prey.

The Art of Science by Tina Jory
Realistic nature drawing integrates art and science and brings challenging new dimensions to both.

Inside the Internet: Scenic Overlook Ahead by Richard Kool
Although not a substitute for getting out, the net can be a great way to find our about places to visit.

North America’s Environmental Education Organizations

And as always, over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

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