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Green Teacher 53, Fall 1997


Paradigms Lost – And the Myths We Teach Our Children by Mark W. McElroy
Are we unwittingly teaching anti-environmental values through the anthropocentric bias of most school curricula?

Rivers – An Interdisciplinary Inquiry through the Arts by Francine Morin, Ann Stinner and Elizabeth Coffman
Guidelines for planning interdisciplinary inquiries.

Ancestral Arts by Elizabeth Lorentzen
In collecting and preparing their own earthy materials, students gain an appreciation of traditional art techniques and an admiration for the people who first developed them.

Tracking Migratory Animals: Going Online for Environmental Education by Bob Coulter
Balancing technology and first-hand experience in a project involving migrating animals.

Celebrating Earth Week: It’s Elemental by Deanna Fry
A collection of ideas, activities and resources for exploring and celebrating our connections to the earth during Earth Week 1998.

Junior Solar Sprint by Aisling O’Shea
Designing, building and racing a solar-powered car in the Junior Solar Sprint is a fun, hands-on way for middle years students to learn about renewable energy.

Enviro-pix: Using Digital Cameras in the Classroom by Dan Clements
A little silcone wafer has just made classroom photography cheaper, easier and more friendly to the environment.

Development of an Ecological World View by Tatyana Shpotova, Olga Trushkina, Ludmila Starykh and Elena Kochetkova
A profile of a dynamic system of continuous ecological education which is gaining advocates in schools across Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Planet Earth: Resource Conservation by Heather Murray, Brenda Sawada, Lorraine McLauchlan and Wendy Fitzgibbons
Activities intended to promote students’ awareness of the energy and other resources needed to support their lifestyles, and to encourage an ethic of conservation and reduction.

Inside the Internet: The Weirdest Place in the World by Richard Kool
Make a virtual expedition to hot vent communities on the deep sea floor.

And as always, over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

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