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Green Teacher 54, Winter 1997-1998


Global Education: Reflections from the Field by Graham Pike
Despite differences in approach and underlying values, global educators in North America are opening classroom windows onto the interconnections that make us all global citizens.

Teaching and Learning about Interconnectedness by Graham Pike and David Selby
5 activities to help students think in a relational mode.

Multicultural Environmental Education by Kevin Peter
Turning a misunderstood concept into a tool for environmental and social change.

Ten Guidelines for Dialogues about Intercultural Issues by Mathew Zachariah
Some starting points.

Where Do You Stand? by Alanda Greene
An activity that encourages open-mindedness and demonstrates the wide range of views on any controversial topic.

Population Pressure! by Marci Mowery and Lindsay Aun
Unrestrained growth in human population and resource consumption poses a threat to wildlife and ecosystems around the world.

Teaching with the Seasons by Larry Weber
Nature’s daily and seasonal drama provides the textbook for this grade seven natural science course based on phenology.

Theme Days: A cause for celebration by Sara Coumantarakis
As an antidote to commercial holidays, theme days shift the emphasis away from consumerism, towards relationships, environment and global citizenship.

North American Global Education Organizations by Green Teacher
Turning a misunderstood concept into a tool for environmental and social change.

Planet Earth Pages: Rights and Responsibilities by Kitty Cochrane
Activities that focus on the rights outlined in the UN Declaration of Rights of the Child. These rights help students to connect in a personal way with issues affecting people around the world.

Inside the Internet: Surfing El Niño by Richard Kool

And as always, over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

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