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Green Teacher 58, Summer 1999


Green Mapmaking by Robert W. Zuber
Green mapmaking seeks to broaden students’ awareness of their environment by teaching them to create visual maps of the green spaces and green features of their urban communities.

Students’ Guide to Green Mapmaking

Population and the Environment by John Goekler
Teaching ideas and classroom activities for helping students make connections between population growth, lifestyle, equity and the environment.

Earth Tales by Michael J. Caduto
A series of practical activities designed to illuminate the message of the many traditional stories that reveal our link to the natural world and to all the people who have lived on Earth before us.

Green Futures: Environmental Industries Co-op Education by John Perry
The story of an innovative co-operative education program in Manitoba that enables students to gain the knowledge and skills to put environmental values to work.

Investigating Air Pollution by Esther Railton Rice and Janice Gardner-Loster
Activities for acquainting children with the properties of air and the problem of air pollution.

The Magic of Night Hikes by Tim Altieri
With a good plan and thorough preparation, a walk in the nighttime world is a safe and wondrous experience for all.

Cradle of Marvelous Places by Sarah Dryden
New education programs in Madagascar are helping to create a culture of environmental awareness that is crucial to protecting the island’s rich biodiversity.

Planet Earth Pages: Oceans and Seafaring by Mark Madden
This issue’s Planet Earth Pages feature activities that explore physical and biological features of oceans as well as seafaring history and technology. Ideas are presented in four grade-level categories that can be adapted to your class.

Inside the Internet: Doing a Number on Data by Richard Kool
Richard Kool examines the larger on-line datasets that greatly help educators conduct research on environmental issues. Contains listings of three useful web sites.

And as always, over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

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