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Green Teacher 59, Fall 1999


Ecology Project Learning by Julie Tracy with Kathleen Glaser
In this integrated “nature immersion” program, K-5 students meet all curriculum outcomes through investigating, monitoring and restoring schoolground habitats and local ecosystems.

Streams by Frederick R. Wilson
STREAMS curriculum uses outdoor lessons about watershed management as the integrating context for cross-curricular studies in language arts, math, science, and social studies lessons for grade six students.

A Matter of Debate by Ruth Ann DePitera, Joe Rossow and Gretchen Lange
In this integrated unit linking social studies, science and language arts, grade six students get first-hand experience of legislative processes by writing and debating environmental protection laws.

Two Rivers Project by Loris Chen
Thematic units on “backyard” environmental issues provide a focus for seventh graders’ attention during a year when many adolescents are easily distracted.

Integrated Studies in Systems by Pam Martin
The Integrated Studies in Systems programs is a two-year interdisciplinary program that uses the characteristics of ecosystems as a framework for learning, in which grades 9 and 10 students earn credits in science, social science and language arts.

Community Environmental Involvement by Wayne B. Pikal and Ben Lindquist
Combining English, social studies and science, the CEI program is engaging students in award-winning river studies from the banks of banks of the Mississippi to the Miass River in Russia.

The Earth Community School: A back-to-basics model of secondary education by Fans C. Verhagen
Secondary education model that uses environmental education, with a focus on an “Earth Literacy Module”, as the basis for a multidisciplinary curriculum.

The Dhammayatra: Walking for Environmental Education in Thailand by Peter Burt
Annual pilgrimage in southern Thailand connects rural villagers and urban middle-class, furthering community efforts toward improving environmental conservation and rural development.

North America’s Environmental Education Organizations

Planet Earth Pages: Humane Education by Sheilal Schwartz
Twenty-one activities for K-12 classes that help to raise awareness of other people and places, with a focus on issues related to development.

And as always, over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

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