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Green Teacher 60, Winter 2000


Too Much of a Good Thing: The Nitrogen Pollution Problem by David Bainbridge
Increasingly higher worldwide levels of nitrogen deposition from car emissions, chemical fertilizers, animal manures and human sewage are beginning to become an ecological threat.

Investigating Nitrogen Pollution: Activities and Models
Hands on classroom activities that demonstrate the causes and impact of nitrogen pollution.

Making Connections with Insect Royalty by Ann Hobbie
Raising monarch butterflies in the classroom opens a window into the amazing world of the most numerous class of animals on Earth. A unit of activities and investigations for grade 5 classes.

Meet the Monarch! by Karen Oberhauser
Introduction to the lifecycle of the monarch butterfly.

Maps Tell Stories: Folklore and Geography by Brian “Fox” Ellis
A lesson plan to help students write and tell stories about landforms.

From Gridlock to Global Warming by Rebecca Watts Hull
A high school unit that investigates the link between local transportation issues and global climate change.

It Takes a Whole Bus to Educate A Child by Arthur Orsini
Taking the bus provides a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about the world around them.

Investigating Public Transit by Tim Grant, Gail Littlejohn and Arthur Orsini
K-12 teaching activities that explore the social, economic and environmental issues associated with the use of public transit.

Birdathons: Counting for Conservation by Brete Griffin
Participating in a birdathon is an excellent way for students to learn about migratory species, apply ecological concepts and raise funds for environmental projects.

Green Nation Building: Environmental Ed in South Africa by Jennifer Neate
Environmental educators rise to the challenge in South Africa

Inside The Internet: Let’s Shed Some Light on this Subject by Richard Kool
A study reveals that natural lighting in schools improves students’ academic performance. Includes listing of relevant websites.

And as always, over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

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