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Green Teacher 68, Summer 2002


Education for Sustainability: An Ecological Approach by Marc Companion
Using nature’s intelligent technologies and self-sustaining systems as the model for a more sustainable human society.

The Living Machine at Darrow School by Lisa Riker
At a rural high school in the Berkshire Mountains of New York, a glorious greenhouse full of tropical plants is treating the wastewater and transforming the curriculum.

Living Systems in the Classroom by Mark Keffer
Making an aquatic ecosystem for the classroom is an engaging project and a springboard to discussing concepts of ecology, biology and hydraulics.

Eco Snakes and Ladders by David Peaty
An adaptation of the classic Snakes and Ladders game that increases students’ awareness of the impact of their everyday environmental choices.

Vernal Pools: Stepping Stones in a Sea of Forests by Anne Stires
Much more than “big puddles,” spring’s ephemeral pools teem with life and offer a diversity of educational possibilities.

Living Within the Earth’s Means by Barbara Duncan
Activities that help students separate wants from needs and develop a perspective on global disparities of wealth and resource use.

Carbon Rising: Measuring CO2 Fluxes from the Soil by Robert Lessard and L. Dennis Gignac
Measuring soil respiration familiarizes students with an important component of the carbon cycle and makes the invisible mechanisms of climate change more tangible.

Coming Together for Conservation: Environmental Education in Namibia by Amy Ann Smego
Twelve years after independence, environmental education in Namibia is playing a vital role in bringing together Namibians to find solutions to environmental problems. Amy Ann Smego introduces readers to NGO’s such as the Integrated Rural Development of Nature Conservation and the AfriCat Foundation that have developed a number of successful environmental education outreach programs for Namibian students.

And as always, over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

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