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Green Teacher 73, Spring 2004


Human-scale Education: Re-inventing schools to meet real needs by Satish Kumar
An interview with educator and author Satish Kumar, founder of the Small School in the U.K, and an early pioneer of the “small schools” movement that is now gaining a firm foothold in North America. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s movement for basic education that introduced cleaning, gardening and cooking as part of the curriculum, the non-profit Small School offers an integrated curriculum that emphasizes these and other important life-skills, in addition to the more conventional subject areas.

Teaching About Salt Marshes by Elizabeth Duff
Though maligned in the past, salt marshes are the natural filters and nurseries of the intertidal zone. The author shows how they can also provide rich opportunities for learning.

The Power of Wind: It’ll Blow You Away by Marcee Camenson and Michelle Finchum
To explore one of the oldest, cleanest and fastest-growing energy sources with young people, the authors offer interdisciplinary activities that examine what makes wind, how energy is captured by wind turbines and how to design a model wind turbine.

The Wind in the Schoolyard by Jim Wiese
In this activity, students measure and map wind speeds on the school grounds to determine whether there is enough wind energy to power the school.

Winter Treasures by Alan Warner and Camille Dumond
A unique environmental learning program that takes kids outdoors in winter and creates a web of school, family and community partnerships.

Discover the Learning in Your Backyard by Julie N. Hartman
How one elementary school took children back outdoors and brought a local park back to life.

Closing the Gap with Distance Education by Sandi Sturm
With new communications technologies, distance learning ventures far beyond the “text and test”, offering interactive, hands-on professional development to teachers in remote areas.

Touching the Earth, Touching the Heart by Richard Kool
Young Israelis of all cultures and religions are discovering a common cause, in their commitment to taking action on environmental problems.

Inside the Internet: Spring Cleaning by Katharine Isbell
Katharine Isbell directs readers to several websites of interest to environmental educators.

And as always, over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

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