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Green Teacher 80, Winter 2007


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The Start of Something Big: Environmental Education in China by Jane Sayers
China faces enormous environmental challenges, but until recently most environmental education initiatives were organized by governments and intended more for publicity than educational purposes. In the last few years, non-profit organizations have seized the opportunity to develop many successful educational programs that offer a glimmer of hope for China and the world. Jane Sayers describes several of these programs and their impact.

Last Child in the Woods? Treating Nature-Deficit Disorder at a High School Winter Camp by Claude Doucette, David Kowalewski and Peggy Ransom
A full-immersion winter camp in Canada’s far north provides an life-changing experience with the elements and has a positive resonance with the wider community

Making It Up As We Go Along by Tricia Edgar
Tricia Edgar examines the role of pretend games in environmental education and provides great examples of activities to help young children explore circles of life, survival tactics, and what it feels like to be an animal or plant

Getting Fresh with Farm-to-School Programs by Marion Kalb
By making direct connections between growers and schools, farm-to-school programs provide local markets for family farmers and healthier food choices for schoolchildren

Social Justice and Language Arts by Christopher Greenslate
Whether the genre is poetry, fiction or expository writing, the language arts curriculum offers unlimited opportunities for teachers and students to make connections with current social and global issues

Discovering Lake Management: Getting Students’ Feet Wet by Matthew R. Opdyke
Teaching about lake management is an exciting way of getting students interested in the environment. In this unit, hands-on investigations of habitat resources, water quality and algae enable students to assess the health of a local lake and debate the options for its long-term management.

Growing Art in School Gardens by Hilary Inwood
Art educator Hilary Inwood takes a fresh look at the garden as an inspiring image bank, an art supply cupboard and an exhibition space for students’ art

Educational Resources Reviewed

A Mind with Wings (Gerald and Loretta Hausman)
Adbusters Media Empowerment Kit (with DVD, Adbusters)
Animal Rescue series (Firefly Books)
Birdsong and Coffee: A Wake Up Call (DVD/VHS, Old Dog Documentaries)
Change the World for Ten Bucks (We Are What We Do)
Cultivating Compassion (K-12 curriculum with DVD, Farm Sanctuary)
Dig Your Hands in the Dirt (Kiko Denzer)
Global Kidz Curriculum (Gr. 4-5 curriculum, Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief)
The Goat Lady (Janet Bregoli)
Great Lakes in my World (K-8 curriculum, Alliance for the Great Lakes)
Mouse in a Meadow (John Himmelman)
On The Day You Were Born (Debra Frasier)
Operation Thistle: Seeds of Despair (Gr. 6-8 curriculum, Texas Cooperative Extension)
Professor Noggin’s Life in the Ocean card game
Super Size Me (DVD with Gr. 6-12 curriculum, Morgan Spurlock)
What Do Roots Do? (Kathleen Kudlinski)

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