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Green Teacher 82, Fall 2007


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Good Design Matters by Edward T. McMahon
Growth is inevitable, but the destruction of community character and natural resources that too often accompanies it is not

Community-Character Education by Sandra Ryack-Bell
Exploring, defining and enhancing the visual environment of our communities

Do You See What I See? by Sandra Ryack-Bell
An activity to help students understand visual pollution and begin to recognize it in their environment

Student “Experts” in Community Character by Linda L. Rulison
An interdisciplinary unit for middle school grades

Using the Arts to Reclaim Community Pride by Angie Cook

This article outlines a number of arts-oriented initiatives, as well as partnerships and community support

Organizing Youth Environmental Summits by Jane Eller

This article will explore some of the benefits and challenges of organizing Youth Environmental Summit events on a state- or province-wide basis

Building with Nature by Rosemary Martin-Moore
Frank Lloyd Wright’s idea of organic architecture inspires students to consider how the beauty of nature could be reflected in their environment

Students as Town Planners by Ted Mitchell
A civic-based community-planning curriculum

Community Appearance: Opportunities in the Inner City by Rebekah Greenwald
Students in an inner-city-school program learned that visual environments are a matter of choice: they can reflect and perpetuate cycles of poverty, or become opportunities to restore hope and self-esteem

Resolution to Advance Service-Learning by Jerry T. Pharr, Jr.
A proposal to advocates of environmental and community-character education

Tearing off the Labels: Service Learning Principles in Action by Vince Case
A school-campus enhancement project that exemplifies the principles of service-learning

Educational Resources Reviewed

The ABC’s of Ecology (Ferry Beach Ecology School)
Peer Mediation (Hetty Van Gurp)
Veggie Revolution (Sally Kneidel and Sara Kate Kneidel)
Transforming School Grounds (Ann Coffey)
Chew On This (Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson)
A Child’s Place in the Environment (Six-unit ecology curriculum, California Department of Education)
The Science of Life (Frank G. Bottone)
Your Land, Your Future (CD-ROM)
Remember Peace (Carolyn Pogue)
Animals and Their Mates (Pamela Hickman and Pat Stephens)
And Now… The Weather (Keith Heidorn, the “Weather Doctor”)

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