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Green Teacher 97, Fall 2012


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Yoga in the Classroom by Marina Ebert (Free article)
Learn some tips and techniques on how you and your students can increase focus, relieve stress, and help improve mental, emotional and physical well-being

Hands-on Learning with Biochar by Darlyn Wendlandt and Kelpie Wilson
Explore this type of charcoal and associated emerging technology that can absorb carbon in the atmosphere and help plants grow

The Environmental Impact of the Tar Sands by Patrick Clarke
A research project that helps middle and high school students judge the severity of the impacts of oil and gas development, and what should be done about them

Children’s Rights and Climate Change by Paula Gallo and Barbara Strang
Help young people realize the rights they have to a healthy planet and lifestyle with these activities from UNICEF Canada for middle and high school students
(Video clip on the effects of climate change on children)

The Mystery of the Missing Mayflies by Laney Heath
How to lead students in grades 5-8 in inquiry-based field investigations of their local waterways

Salad Farmers by Sara Inbar (Free article)
A first grade class in New York City grows their own food as part of an integrated unit combining science, social studies and literacy

Signature Salads by Brooke Ziedell
This popular activity in FoodShare’s Field to Table Schools program gets students of all ages excited about fresh, healthy food as they make their own signature salad

To Monitor or Not to Monitor by Dori L. Hess
Help your students create a citizen science team to collect baseline data about a local watershed

Defending Place-based Education by Stephen Skoutajan
A summary of studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of outdoor place-based education in improving student achievement

Educational Resources Reviewed

Urban Roots DVD (Tree Media Productions)
Acorn Naturalists Leaf Printing Discovery Kit (Acorn Naturalists)
Connecting With Nature (David Suzuki Foundation)
White Dolphin (Gill Lewis)
The Light Bulb Conspiracy DVD (Cosima Dannoritzer)
Cafeteria Man DVD (The Video Project)
The Forest Unseen (David George Haskell)

Two Winters in a Teepee (Mark Warren)
The Harvest [La Cosecha] DVD (Cinema Libre Studio)
The Sacred Science DVD (Three Seed Productions)
I Am A Rainbow (Roseanne D’Erasmo Script)
A Community of Gardeners DVD (Cinita Cabib)
The Story of Food Online video (USC Canada)

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