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Teaching Green books: Review Copies for You & Discounted Copies for Your Students

Green Teacher has published three Teaching Green books: Teaching Green: The Elementary Years (for grades K-5 teachers); Teaching Green: the Middle Years (for grades 6-8 teachers); and Teaching Green: The High School Years (for grades 9-12 teachers). Each of these paperbacks (with a teacher-friendly lay flat binding) contain the best 50 articles that we have published in our non-profit teachers’ magazine over the years. Almost all of the articles and activities were re-written for the books, based on the review comments we received from over 150 reviewers of each book.

If you are teaching courses this Winter, Spring or Summer in environmental or global education for in-service or pre-service teachers or which include a significant number of youth educators, please consider the following offer. We would like you to show one or more of these books to your students and allow them to take advantage of our volume discounts (see below) by placing a bulk order. If this interests you, we would send you a complimentary copy of one or more Teaching Green books to show to your students. Then, you (or a delegated class member) would collect orders from those who wish to purchase one or both books, pooling the individual orders into one bulk order. We would need to receive the order at least two weeks before the conclusion of your course so that there is sufficient time to ship the books to you before the course ends.

Our purpose is to provide a means of getting these books into the hands of as many educators as inexpensively as possible.

** Please appreciate that if you are teaching teachers at your own K-12 school, or teaching courses to teachers of less than a month in length, we may not be able to provide you with a free copy of our Teaching Green books. As an unprofitable non-profit organization, we can afford to send complimentary copies only when there is a reasonable opportunity that those taking a course will be able to order bulk copies. We ask for your understanding if we are unable to accept your request for this reason. **

To help you to decide whether one of these books might be of interest to your students, please take a moment to visit any of the following pages:

Teaching Green – The Elementary Years
Teaching Green – The Middle Years
Teaching Green – The High School Years

If you decide to take advantage of this offer, send an email to Co-editor Tim Grant at tim AT greenteacher DOT com that includes:

1) your name

2) name of institution

3) institutional address

4) course name and number, and when you teach this course each year (i.e. Fall, Winter semesters, etc)

5) work or home phone number and email address

6) type of students (i.e. pre-service/in-service teachers, youth educators, etc

Here are the rates we are offering for bulk purchases by you or your students:

In-Service Teachers Pre-Service Teachers and Youth Educators
Single copy C/US$25.95 C/US$24.95
2-10 copies C/US$20.50 ea. C/US$19.50 ea.
11-29 copies C/US$17.75 ea. C/US$16.75 ea.
30-49 copies C/US$16.75 ea. C/US$15.75 ea.
50-99 copies C/US$13.95 ea. C/US$12.95 ea.

(Shipping extra. In Canada, GST or HST will be added.)

Ordering Details: An order may be for one title or for a combination of titles; the price will be based on the total number of books, regardless of title. As soon as we know how many books you are ordering, we will let you know the shipping cost per book so that you may collect an appropriate amount from each student (the larger the order, the lower the per-book shipping cost). Payment may be made by individual cheques/checks from students or by one cheque/check from you for the entire order.

Please be assured: there is no obligation to purchase any books at any time. Our main interest is in having teachers learn what the books have to offer them, and to provide an opportunity for those interested to obtain copies at a significant discount.

We’ll look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

All the best,

Tim Grant, Co-editor

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