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Green Teacher 99, Spring 2013


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Climbing Trees by Harv Teitelbaum (Free article)
Examining the benefits of a climbing program, and what is needed to establish such a program

Hemlock Holmes: Tree Detective by Emily Hogan
Teach elementary students about trees and their ring pattens by solving environmental science mysteries

Download the worksheets for the “Hemlock Holmes” teaching unit.

Doing Business in Birmingham by Pauline Roberts
This award-winning project leverages technology to help students understand and promote sustainability within the local business community

Training the Next Generation of Leaders by Dave Bauer with Pamela A. Szalay
The Young Adults Environmental Leadership Program provides youth aged 12 to 18 with training, expertise and guidance in developing and implementing community environmental projects

The Nature-Study Movement by Kelly Johnson
Revisiting this historic movement reinforces the importance of integrating art and science and get young children more engaged with the natural world

When Nature Speaks by Emma Gilbertson (Free article)
Using role-play and dramatic activities to encourage feelings of environmental connectedness in children

Green School in Bali by Ben Macrory (Free article)
Recently voted the Greenest School on Earth by the US Green Building Council, here is a snapshot of the curriculum and some of the projects currently underway

Coconutty Classes by Noan Fesnoux
A profile of a 3 week thematic unit for grades 6-8 that focuses on a tropical fruit that masquerades as a nut

Two-Eyed Seeing as a Way of Knowing by Clifford E. Knapp (Free article)
Ways to blend native and western science in outdoor learning

Butterflies and Biomimicry by Karen McDonald
Activities for 10-15 year olds that can put the unique properties of Morpho Butterfly wings to work to help solve human problems

Visualizing More Sustainable Futures by David Hicks
Contemporary education often ignores the future, but sustainability education requires it. This compelling rationale and activities will help young people think more critically and creatively about the future


Educational Resources Reviewed

Waking the Green Tiger DVD (Face to Face Media)

Animate Earth: Science, Intuition and Gaia DVD (Sally Angel and Josh Good)

Explore Water (Anita Yasuda)

Honeycomb Kids (Anna M. Campbell)

My Backyard CD (Rosie Emery)

Switch DVD (Arcos Films)

People of a Feather DVD (Joel Heath, Sanikiluaq Running Pictures)

The Green Songbook (Jessica Anne Baron)

Ecoliterate (Daniel Goleman, Lisa Bennett and Zenobia Barlow)

EarthFlight (John Downer)

Nanise’ – A Navajo Herbal (Vernon O. Mayes and Barbara Bayless Lacy)

Darius Bell and the Crystal Bees (Odo Hirsch)

The Skull in the Rock (Eric Aronson and Lee Berger)

Elephants: Never Forget (International Fund for Animal Welfare)


Books for Young Readers:

Riparia’s River (Michael J. Caduto and Olga Pastuchiv)

Waiting for Ice (Sandra Markle and Alan Marks)

For the Birds: The Life of Roger Tory Peterson (Peggy Thomas and Laura Jacques)

The World in Your Lunchbox (Claire Eamer and Sa Boothroyd)

Potatoes on Rooftops (Hadley Dyer)

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