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Green Teacher 106, Spring 2015

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Reading the World, Not Just the Words by Amy Demarest

Why it’s crucial to take students of all ages out of the classroom and into the community

Taking Kids to the Community by Bob Coulter (Free article)

Lead rewarding outdoor lessons by following these proven patterns of success

From Blackberry Patches to Blacktop by Kelly Johnson

The importance of bringing nature – and children’s connection to it – back to life

Green Teachers & Brown Rivers by Aceng Ruyani, Erna Affani, Fenty Sufyerny, Suryana, and Catherine E. Matthews

How to conduct a research project with middle & high school students in local environments

Harvesting Life Lessons by Carrie Koplinka-Loehr

How Youth Farm Projects teach teens a lot more than gardening

Kids Care About Caves! by Abby Harris

Enriching high school students’ conservation attitudes through community partnerships

Bee Curious by Robyn Stone

Getting young children buzzing about pollinators during outdoor play

“Shoot” down nature-deficit disorder! by Aimee Keillor (Free article)

“Shoot” down nature-deficit disorder with digital cameras

Mapping Watersheds by Lauren Wulker

Teach teenagers about our impact on watersheds in this multidisciplinary cartography project

Celebrating World Oceans Day by Alyssa Isakower

How to show kids the connections to oceans that are right in their own backyards


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