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Green Teacher 107, Fall 2015

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Slow Cookers for Kids by Dan Hendry

A unique way to build an interest in, and the skills needed to cook healthy local foods

Stories in the Data by Bob Coulter and Skyler Wiseman

What can elementary and middle school children learn about the world around them by looking at the numbers?

Living Deep & Sucking Out the Marrow by Keith Badger

Transforming the mindsets of teens through a wildcrafting course

Exploring by the Seat of Our Pants by Joe Grabowski (free article)

Using technology to connect with scientists all over the world

A Lean Green Sun Harvesting Machine by Mark Walker

Making solar energy teaching more fun by using invisible forces to power race cars

Climate Justice in the Classroom by Ryan Cho

Help high school students connect equity, economy, ecology, society and hope

Inspiring the Bioregional Imagination by Patrick Howard

Deepening the connection to place through reading, writing and ecology

Love Our Coral Reefs by Melody L. Russell, Stanton Belford, Laura Crowe and David Laurencio

Teaching 6-14 year-olds about environmental stewardship and coral reefs using modeling materials found in most cupboards

Take the Green Challenge by Naomi Dietzel Hershiser (Free article)

Green Challenges provide easy access points for incorporating environmental themes into school culture, and help green schools get back to the basics

Teaching Empathy Through Animals by Robyn Stone

Pets in preschool classrooms allow students to establish an emotional connection while also learning about responsibility


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