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Why Learn about Insects?, by Nathan Shipley and Robert D. Bixler (All ages, GT112)

Snakes Alive!, by Ann Berry Somers and Catherine E. Matthews (All ages, GT112)

Conservation Animation, by Sarah Compton (Ages 14-19, GT112)

Invasive Species: You’re Not Welcome Here, by Amy Paul (Ages 6-10, GT112)

Taking Action Against Invasive Species, by Jennifer Brooks (Ages 10-14, GT112)

Exploring Antarctica through Art, by Madeline Crouse and Skye Moret (All ages, GT112)

A Humane-Inspired Approach, by Brian Ogle (Ages 10-19; GT111)

Role-Playing, Inquiry and Food Chains, by Autumn Doss (Ages 6-10; GT111)

An Intergenerational Care Game, by Edith Pucci Couchman (Ages 6-14; GT111)

The Bison Range Project, by Jennifer Odgen (Ages 6-14; GT110)

Learning to be Gentle Giants, by Jane Powell (Ages 6-10; GT109)

Citizen Science: Collecting Real-Life Data, by Cathy Scott (All ages; GT109)

Uncaging Imagination with Guerilla Geography, by Thomas Larsen and Lisa Tabor (All ages; GT109)

Speaking for Native Bees, by Gail Trenholm (All ages; GT108)

Teaching Empathy Through Animals by Robyn Stone (Ages 6-10; GT107)

Bee Curious, by Robyn Stone (Ages 6-10; GT106)

Eyes in the Forestby Ryan Pennesi (All Ages; GT105)

Pets and Pedagogyby Steven King (Ages 6-14; GT105)

Around the World: The Invasive Species Challenge, by April Claus, Susie Moffett and Stacey Widenhofer (Ages 10-19; GT104)

Birding for Beginners, by Renee Bachman and Ted Watt (Ages 10-14; GT103)

Marvelous Migration, by Mchael J. Caduto (Ages 5-8; GT102)

Connecting With Bugs, by John Guyton and Lois Connington (Ages 8-16; GT100)

Wildlife Olympics, by Los Nixon (Ages 6-12; GT100)

Butterflies and Biomimicry, by Karen McDonald (Ages 12-16; GT99)

Swimming with Sharks, by Karen McDonald (Ages 12-16: GT98)

The Mystery of the Missing Mayflies, by Laney Heath (Ages 12-15; GT97)

Herpetology for high school students, by Catherine E. Matthews and Terry Tomasek (Ages 14-19; GT96)

Mapping to Increase Student Awareness of Local Wildlife, by Hannah Wyatt (Ages 12-15; GT96)

Endangered Animals and Science Literacy, by Lindsay Hagen (Ages 12-15; GT96)

The Environmental Impact of Pets, by Tim Hammerly and Brianna DuMont (Ages 6-14; GT95)

Amphibians and Two Game Structures, by Edith Couchman (Ages 8-14 ; GT93)

Discovering Native Bees, by Alison Pearce Stevens (Ages 9-19; GT93)

Dig, Measure and Observe, by Natalie Stern (Ages 7-12; GT91)

Wonderful Wildlife Web, by Sarah M. Schwartz (Ages 5-8; GT90)

A Window into the Wild, by Dawn R. Tanner (Ages 12-16; GT89)

Introducing Biomimicry, by Dorna L. Schroeter (Ages 10-19; GT88)

The Hawk in the Nest, by Edith Pucci Couchman (Ages 7-12; GT87)

For Slugs’ Sake: Making a Refuge for Slugs, Bugs and Other Invertebrates, by Angela Wilbers Luekenotto and Janice Schnake Greene (Ages 12-15; GT87)

Analyzing Wildlife Habitat with Google Earth, by Dawn Tanner (Ages 12-14; GT87)

From Seals to Snails: Understanding Eelgrass, by Nora Beem, Michael Dufilho and Frederick Short (Ages 10-15; GT87)

MSIT: Transdisciplinary, Cross-cultural Science, by Annamarie Hatcher and Cheryl Bartlett (Ages 14-19; GT86)

Swimming with Animals, by Zabe MacEachren and Tamara Anderson (All Ages; GT81)

Sunnyside and the Wolf, by Steven Siegel (Ages 12-16; GT79)

Habitat House Hunt, by Kristin Mack-Hammer and Janice Denney (Ages 10-15, GT78)

First Flight with Raptors, by Gail Hall (Ages 5-8; GT76)

En “grossing” Students in Their Environment, by Kristy Sullivan (Ages 8-19; GT75)

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