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Why Learn about Insects?, by Nathan Shipley and Robert D. Bixler (All ages; GT112)

Snakes Alive!, by Ann Berry Somers and Catherine E. Matthews (All ages; GT112)

Conservation Animation, by Sarah Compton (Ages 14-19; GT112)

Invasive Species: You’re Not Welcome Here!, by Amy Paul (Ages 6-10; GT112)

Taking Action against Invasive Species, by Jennifer Brooks (Ages 10-14; GT112)

Sensory Tour by Kids, by Carie Green (Ages 6-10; GT111)

Exploring Learning Stories, by Lotje Hives and Astrid Steele (All ages; GT111)

Rolling Stones and Catching Beetles, by Michel Anderson (Ages 6-10; GT111)

A Humane-Inspired Approach, by Brian Ogle (Ages 10-19; GT111)

Wild in the City, by Emily Stoeth (All ages; GT111)

An Intergenerational Care Game, by Edith Pucci Couchman (Ages 6-14; GT111)

Citizen Science: Collecting Real-Life Data, by Cathy Scott (All ages; GT109)

Speaking for Native Bees, by Gail Trenholm (All ages; GT108)

Inspiring the Bioregional Imagination, by Patrick Howard (Ages 10-19; GT107)

Bee Curious, by Robyn Stone (Ages 6-10; GT106)

Every Species Has a Purposeby Wendy Brown with David Robinson (Ages 10-19; GT104)

Outside the Classroom, Adventure Awaitsby Cindi Smith-Walters and Christa Campbell (Ages 8-14; GT103)

Beyond Eco-Footprints: Using the STEM Process, by Cornelia Harris, Alan R. Berkowitz, Megan McLean and Kim Notin (All Ages; GT100)

Coconutty Classes, by Noan Fesnoux (Ages 10-14; GT99)

When Nature Speaks, by Emma Gilbertson (Ages 6-10; GT99)

The Mystery of the Missing Mayflies, by Laney Heath (Ages 11-14; GT97)

Herpetology for High School Students, by Catherine E. Matthews and Terry Tomasek (Ages 15-19; GT96)

Connecting Art and Science, by Amanda Berlinski (Ages 11-19; GT96)

The Power of Cladistics, by Matthew R. Opdyke (Ages 15-19; GT95)

Analyzing Wildlife Habitat with Google Earth, by Dawn Tanner (Ages 10-14; GT87)

From Seals to Snails: Understanding Eelgrass, by Nora Beem, Micheal Dufilho and Frederick Short (Ages 10-15; GT87)

Roots of Diversity: Growing Culturally Significant Plants, by Allan Foster (All Ages; GT81)

Kids Teaching Kids: The Tantramar Wetlands Centre Projects, by Chris Porter (Ages 14-19; GT79)

A Date with Freddie Kudzu (Ages 11-19; GT79)

Exotic Invasive Species: The Guests That Won’t Go Home, by Kim Clearly Sadler (All Ages; GT79)

Glorious Weeds!, by Jack Greene (All Ages; GT78)

Learning with Lichen: Using Epiphytic Lichens as Bio-indicators of Air Pollution, by Andrew Kett, Sonai Dong, Heather Andrachuk and Brian Craig (Ages 14-19; GT77)

First Flight with Raptors, by Gail Hall (Ages 6-10; GT76)

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