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Let’s Talk Fracking by Samantha Rubright (Ages 10-19; GT114)

Turn The Key To Be Idle Free, by Emily Gee and Emily Stewart (All ages; GT113)

Undercover Litter Picker, by Ann Palmer (All ages; GT109)

A “Cap”tivating Masterpiece, by Kimberly Carroll and Tim Carroll (Ages 6-10; GT108)

Take the Green Challenge, by Naomi Dietzel Hershiser (Ages 6-14; GT107)

Understanding Micro Particles in the Ocean, by Dodie Saunders and Katelyn Hunt (Ages 10-14; GT104)

Where Does the Plastic Go?, by Christopher D. Murakami, Suleyman Cite, Dane L. Schaffer, and Troy D. Sadler (Ages 14-19; GT102)

Improving the Air We Breathe, by Neil Smith and John Todd (Ages 12-19; GT98)

The Mystery of the Missing Mayflies, by Laney Heath (Ages 12-14; GT97)

The Environmental Impact of the Tar Sands, by Patrick Clarke (Ages 14-19; GT97)

Collecting Pop Can Tabs for Charity, by Bert Murphy (All Ages; GT96)

The Environmental Impact of Pets, by Time Hammerly and Brianna DuMont (Ages 12-14; GT95)

The Learning Barge, by Robin Dunbar (Ages 5-14; GT94)

From Seals to Snails: understanding eelgrass, Nora Beem, Michael Dufilho, and Frederick Short (Ages 12-14; GT87)

Water: Local Pollution, Global Confusion!, by Amanada Freedman Tetrault (Ages 12-14; GT83)

Kids Teaching Kids: The Tantramar Wetlands Centre Projects, by Chris Porter (Ages 14-10; GT79)

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