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Traditional Knowledge

The Pathway to Stewardshipby Jacob Rodenburg (Ages 11-19; GT113)

Living Deep & Sucking Out the Marrowby Keith Badger (Ages 14-19; GT107)

Developing Character through Ancient Wisdom, by Cheri Isgreen (All Ages; GT102)

Wild Harvesting and Traditional Ecological Knowledge, by Kieran Dowling (Ages 10-14; GT101)

Two-Eyed Seeing as a Way of Knowing, by Clifford E. Knapp (All Ages; GT99)

The Nature-Study Movementby Kelly Johnson (Ages 5-14; GT99)

Using Folklore to Promote Ocean Literacy, by Catherine Lindsay Linsky, Sara Raven, Melissa Jurkewicz, Len Bloch and Brett Farkas (Ages 11-14, GT92)

Developing a Sense of Place Through Native Science Activitiesby Clifford E. Knapp (All Ages; GT88)

MSIT: Transdisciplinary Cross-cultural Science, by Annamarie Hatcher and Cheryl Bartlett (Ages 14-19; GT86)

Traditional Medicines: How Much is Enough?by Annamarie Hatcher and Cheryl Bartlett (Ages 12-14; GT86)

Traditional Legends: Meanings on Many Levels, by Annamarie Hatcher, Sana Kavanagh, Cheryl Bartlett and Murdena Marshall (Ages 14-19; GT86)

Earth Alive!by Judy Wearing (Ages 12-14; GT86)

From Scared to Sacred: Changing our Relationship to Nature through Storyby Michael Gowing (All ages; GT86)

Bridging the Gap: Indigenous Knowledge and Science, by Deanna Kazina and Natalie Swayze (Ages 6-12; GT86)

Money From the Sea: A Cross-cultural Indigenous Science Activityby Gloria Snively (All Ages; GT86)

Two-Eyed Seeing in a School Districtby Drew Myers (Ages 13-19; GT86)

Mother Earth, Grandfather Sun, by Cheryl Bartlett (Ages 11-14; GT86)

Two-Eyed Seeing: A Cross-cultural Science Journey, by Annamarie Hatcher, Cheryl Bartlett, Murdena Marshall and Albert Marshall (All Ages: GT86)

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