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Green Commuting Challenge, by Duke Davidson (Ages 10-19; GT112)

Citizenship-building via Marine Debris Surveys, by Aimee Cleary (Ages 14-19; GT112)

Ecojustice Education through Pictures, by Erin Sperling (All Ages; GT111)

Undercover Litter Picker, by Ann Palmer (All ages; GT109)

Integrated Social Justice Learning for Those At-Risk, by Natalie Zayas Delgado (Ages 10-19; GT109)

Take the Green Challenge, by Naomi Dietzel Hershiser (Ages 6-14; GT107)

Returning to the Earthby Matthew Kemshaw (All Ages; GT105)

Understanding Micro Particle in the Oceanby Dodie Saunders and Katelyn Hunt (Ages 10-14; GT104)

Fracking: Unlocking the Great Debateby Bert Tulk (Ages 14-19; GT104)

The Human Body as Recycling Machine, by Giuliano Reis (Ages 14-19, GT103)

Just Add Water: The Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal Program, by Michael Soares (Ages 14-19; GT101)

Turning Rotten into Right, by Jyoti Gopal (Ages 5-12; GT101)

Beyond Eco-Footprints: Using the STEM Processby Cornelia Harris, Alan R. Berkowitz, Megan McLean, and Kim Notin (All Ages; GT100)

Collecting Pop Can Tabs for Charity, by Bert Murphy (All Ages; GT96)

Zero Waste for Schools, by Kary Schumpert and Cyndra Dietz (All Ages; GT95)

The Pet Waste Project, by Tim Hammerly and Brianna DuMont (Ages 12-14; GT95)

The Environmental Impact of Pets, by Tim Hammerly and Brianna DuMont (Ages 5-12; GT95)

Evaluating & Promoting Eco-Productsby Chris Summerville (Ages 12-19; GT94)

Parties, Praise, and Plastic Bottles, by Tasha Kirby (Ages 5-12; GT94)

Beyond our Beaches: Ocean Trash, by Skye Moret-Ferguson and Amy N. S. Siuda (Ages 12-17; GT92)

A Plastic Bottle Greenhouse, by Vanya Orr and Mohan Kumar (Ages 5-14; GT91)

Green Schools Programs, by Kate Hoffman (Ages 12-19; GT90)

The Mathematics of Trash, by Kate Nelson (Ages 7-12; GT89)

Stop the E-Waste Crisis: Engaging the Technological GenerationKenji O’Brien (Ages 14-19; GT88)

Leaving ‘Leave No Trace’ Behind: Towards a Holistic Land Use Ethicby David Moskowitz and Darcy Ottey (All Ages; GT78)

Designing a Sustainable Industrial Parkby Robert A. Sweeney, by Phyllis A. Sweeney (Ages 14-19; GT78)

The Dinner Gameby Jan Cincera (Ages 14-19; GT77)

India’s Recycling: Challenges and Lessons, by Sushini Jayakumar (All Ages; GT77)

Food for Thought: Practicing Conversation at the Table, by Heather Montgomery (All Ages; GT77)

There is No ‘Away’: Learning from Ecosystems about Sustainable Waste Management, by Amanada Tetrault and Christina McDonald (All Ages; GT76)


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