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Something’s Choking Auntie Elm

Originally appears in the Summer 2006 issue

Concept: Exotic pest plants upset the checks and balances in natural habitats.

Grades: 6-8

Subjects: ecology, geography, science.

Skills: acquiring information, communicating, determining causes and effects, group participation, problem solving, valuing

Duration: preparation 20 minutes; activity two 50-minute periods

Group: 25-30

Setting: indoors

Key vocabulary: species, ecosystem, quarantines, flora, fauna

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This activity is based on “Home Sweet Home” in Project Learning Tree: Secondary-Level Module, The Changing Forest: Forest Ecology (Washington, DC: The American Forest Institute, 1998), and adapted with permission from Noxious Neighbors: Exotics in Our Backyard published by the Center for Environmental Education, Middle Tennessee State University, 1998. Limited copies of this guide are available free; call (615) 904-8133 for details.