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Bulk subscriptions

A bulk digital subscription will allow every staff member of your school, school board, organization or faculty to access Green Teacher, a quarterly magazine for fostering learning and inspiring action on environmental and other global issues. Bulk Digital subscriptions start as low as $49.

As a bonus, those who purchase bulk digital subscription will have access to our digital archive, which includes 35 back issues of the magazine and 65+ webinars. This will provide all of your staff with instant access to a substantive collection of new teaching ideas and activities for each grade level.


Digital advantages:

• Digital issues arrive earlier than the printed copies
• The electronic format enables readers to search for keywords
• Every website listing in the magazine is hot-linked, providing quick access to additional information about a topic or a new educational resource

• Click here to view a free digital issue of Green Teacher!

How it works

On the Green Teacher website, go to the ‘Magazine’ tab, then click on ‘Digital Subscriber Access.’ Once we have received your order, we will e-mail you a password which will allow you to access all of the digital issues. Users can view the magazine online in an interactive format, download it as a PDF, and/or print it.

Click on the links below for prices and other details:

School district/boards

Individual school, nature center, or other organization

College or faculty of education

nature adventure

How to order


Bulk Digital Subscriptions for School Districts

Schools and school districts can now provide access to Green Teacher magazine for all of their staff for low rates. Subscriptions cost $49 per year for individual schools, and start at $70 per year for school districts. In addition, we provide a 12% discount per year for multi-year subscriptions. For an extra $10 per year, we’ll send a print copy of the magazine as well.

What if my district has very small schools?

If your school district is mainly comprised of small schools (i.e. less than 25 teachers), call us toll-free at 1-888-804-1486 or email us at info AT greenteacher DOT com. Let us know the total number of teachers and schools in your district and we’ll quote you a fair rate.

Pricing for school districts (not including GST/HST in Canada)

1 school C/US$49
2-5 schools C/US$70
6-10 schools C/US$105
11-20 schools C/US$185
21-30 schools C/US$260
31-40 schools C/US$320
41-50 schools C/US$370
51-70 schools C/US$460
71-99 schools C/US$575
100-125 schools C/US$690
126-150 schools C/US$800
151-199 schools C/US$870
200-249 schools C/US$900
250-299 schools C/US$1000
300-399 schools C/US$1150
400+ schools C/US$1400

How to order

Inexpensive Bulk Digital Subscriptions for individual Schools, Nature Centers, and other Organizations

Individual schools, nature centers, state/provincial parks, government departments, and other organizations can provide access to Green Teacher‘s learning materials for all of their staff through inexpensive digital subscriptions. A bulk digital subscription to Green Teacher magazine provides the same content as Green Teacher‘s print edition, with the added bonus of additional digital features. The cost for a one-year digital subscription is $49.00. (not including GST/HST in Canada)

We provide a 12% discount per year for multi-year subscriptions, and a print subscription to Green Teacher can be added to a bulk digital subscription for an extra $10 per year. (The regular price for a one year print subscription is $39.)


How to order


Inexpensive Bulk Digital Subscriptions for Colleges & Faculties of Education

For Colleges and Faculties of Education interested in purchasing a bulk digital subscription, we have created a scale of prices based on the number of pre-service, in-service and graduate students in their programs over the course of a year. Please consult the list of prices below to determine the cost for your institution.

We provide a 12% discount per year for multi-year subscriptions. For an extra $10 per year, colleges and faculties of education can choose to also receive Green Teacher‘s print edition. (The regular price for a one year print subscription is $39.)

It remains our hope that these inexpensive digital subscriptions to Green Teacher will provide a useful vehicle to promote environmental literacy amongst thousands of education students and faculty each year.

What if I only want a subscription for students in one or two courses?

Individual professors and instructors can choose instead to purchase a site licence for their class. The price would be based on the number of students who will have access to the digital version of Green Teacher. Please see the list of prices below.

Table of prices (not including GST/HST in Canada)

Up to 50 students & staff C/US$49
51-100 students & staff C/US$69
101-200 students & staff C/US$79
201-300 students & staff C/US$89
301-500 students & staff C/US$119
501-999 students & staff C/US$139
1000-1499 students & staff C/US$159
1500+ students & staff C/US$179

How to order

Order online

By phone: 1-888-804-1486 or 416-960-1244

• By email: info AT greenteacher DOT com

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