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Green Teacher 92, Spring 2011


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Facilitators of Fascination by Tara R. Short
Fostering a love for the ocean through snorkeling trips which allow students to experience first-hand the wonders of the sea

Beyond our Beaches: Ocean Trash by Skye Morét-Ferguson and Amy N.S. Siuda
What research about long-term plastic marine debris is telling us, and how young people can respond (activities in the article are appropriate for ages 12-18)

Marvelous Mangroves by Martin A. Keeley
Perspective article on a highly adaptable formula for teaching environmental education on different marine subjects and in different locations—shows how a British Columbia wetlands education program was adapted to teach about mangroves in the Cayman Islands and elsewhere

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Oceans by Rachel A. Luther and Michael P. Mueller
A strategy for promoting ocean literacy for ages 12-16 by emphasizing the connections between personal and pelagic health

Environmental Justice in the Azores by Alison Neilson
A case for incorporating the perspectives of all ocean stakeholders—from biologists to fishers—in marine conservation efforts, using democratic participation of fishers in the Azores as an example

New technologies

The Ocean – Live! Anywhere! Anytime! by Ali L. Hochberg
Real-time data offer meaningful ways for middle-school students to develop science and math skills

Rocking the Classroom from the Ocean by Andrea Swensrud
An at-sea program connects educators and scientists, fostering new collaborations in earth science education

Real-time Teaching with VENUS and NEPTUNE by Christian Levesque
New technology allows students in institutions with low budgets and no access to the ocean to get involved in marine science – using real data (ages 14-18)

Putting Marine Science on the Map by Jessica Neely and Andrea Swensrud
Using Google Maps to help students connect to waters near and far (ages 13-16)


Seaquaria in Schools by Catherine Carolsfeld, Joachim Carolsfeld and Mary Holmes
Seventy gallon coldwater aquaria bring oceans of learning opportunities into schools

Invisible World: Exploring Microscopic Life in the Ocean by Cassie Gurbisz, Laura Murray, Debbie Hinkle and Byron Crump
Activities that help 13-18 year olds appreciate the essential roles that tiny species play in marine ecosystems
Download teacher plankton images
Download student plankton images
Download plankton size class chart

Monitoring Coral Reefs using Quadrats by Carlie Wiener, Barbara C. Bruno and Jim Foley
A lesson for 9 to 11 year olds that compares species abundance and distribution on pristine and degraded reefs
Download Coral Reef Quadrat Data Collection and Analysis student worksheet

Watershed Stewardship through Hands-on Exploration by Darius Kalvaitis and Liz Heffernan
An engaging inquiry-based learning activity for 9 to 11 year olds – students build a model of a watershed and examine the effects of pollution
Watch/download Watershed model demonstration video

Using Folklore to Promote Ocean Literacy by Catherine Lindsay Linsky, Sara Raven, Melissa Jurkewicz, Len Bloch and Brett Farkas
Four activities that connect ancient legends to Ocean Literacy principles for those 11-14 years of age
Download “Trouble in Turtle Town?” Handout
See complete reference list for this article

Marine Education Resources Profiled:

Shoreline cleanups in the USA, Canada, and Australia
SEA-IT-LIVE virtual research cruise for classrooms
“Tangaroa Blue” Australian Marine Debris Project
Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre Live Dives
National Estuarine Research Reserve System (USA)
Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence Ocean Gazing podcasts
Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve education programs for grades 1-8 (VA, USA)
Brookdale Community College Ocean Institute marine programs (NJ, USA)
Ocean Explorium marine sciences centre (MA, USA)
Marineapedia citizen science project for students (BC, Canada)
VoiceThread steaming video/narration/student interaction tool

Educational Resources Reviewed

Earth Heroes: Champions of the Ocean (Fran Hodgkins)
Coral Sea Dreaming—Awaken DVD
One Ocean DVD (TV series, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
“Fish Game” (Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education)
Southcrop Forest (Lorne Rothman)
Eco-tracking: On the Trail of Habitat Change (Daniel Shaw)
Citizen Climate Lesson Plans (Will Steger Foundation)
Waterlife DVD (National Film Board of Canada)
6 in 1 Educational Solar Kit (OWI Inc.)
Not Your Typical Book about the Environment (Elin Kelsey)
Get Real: What Kind of World are You Buying? (Mara Rockliff)
Teaching Global Sustainability in the Primary Grades: A K-4 Curriculum Guide (Facing the Future)
Education for Sustainability in the Primary Curriculum: A Guide for Teachers (Michael Littledyke,
Neil Taylor, and Chris Eames, ed.)

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