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Posts from the ‘Ideas’ Category

Partnering with Ski-Hills for Active Learning

Developing outdoor classrooms at local ski hills to develop minds and bodies

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Secondary Science Outdoors

How high school science teachers include outdoor activities in their lessons

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Using progressive skits to teach food chains to kids of all ages

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Pledging for Change

High school students modify one personal action to help the environment

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A mystery event that engages youth between 5-12 years old in experiential learning

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Plug Kids in to Nature

Bring nature back to elementary aged children by way of a Forest School

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Natural Colours from Plants

An experiential lesson in practical chemistry, botany and art for Grades 4 to 6

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Turn The Key To Be Idle Free

Implementing No Idle Zones in schools helps the environment and improves student’s health

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The Pathway to Stewardship

How to develop a community-wide strategy to nurture environmental stewardship in children and teens

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Have You Watched Our Videos Yet?

After a number of educators shared their videos of innovative learning strategies with us, we posted our first set for anyone to freely view.

You will find within them practical ideas such as using GoogleEarth for an invasive plant survey, or of schools that take students on weekly field trips to enhance their personal development and sustainability more generally. Learn how to prepare waste free lunches and to build comfy bug houses.

Click here to enjoy these videos and don’t forget to tell your friends about them.

Snakes Alive!

Run…but where…from snakes or to snakes?

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Why Learn about Insects?

Unlearning inherent fears around bugs will net endless fascination for young people

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Pathways to Possibility

How a small team of dedicated educators successfully developed an interdisciplinary model within the confines of the traditional subject-bound timetable.

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From Footprints to Thoughtprints

While most environmental teaching focuses on actions required to solve environmental problems, it does little to challenge the underlying attitudes and assumptions which led to these problems in the first place. Stephen K. Goobie encourages educators to tackle not only our ecological footprints, but also our ecological “thoughtprints”.

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Assessment & Evaluation for Outdoor/Enviro-Education

Strategies for assessing changes in the environmental knowledge, skills and attitudes of students aged 6-14

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New Webinar Announced: “Animal Tales: Creating Critical Thinking Through Literature”

Stories have been used since ancient times to entertain, awaken the imagination, and impart moral and community virtue. Learn more in our webinar on December 3rd, 2013.

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