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Posts from the ‘Math’ Category

Pledging for Change

High school students modify one personal action to help the environment

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Math in the Schoolyard

A schoolyard is a convenient setting for many math activities and is especially suited to concept application and problem-solving. The objects and phenomena within a natural area can be estimated, counted, and measured, and the data collected can then be charted, tabled, averaged, graphed, and manipulated in many ways. From "Greening School Grounds."

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Sustainable Futures: An Interdisciplinary Unit at the Australian Science and Maths School

Students at a specialized senior science and math high school in Australia enjoy an interdisciplinary curriculum, within a new building where more than half of the floor spaces is comprised of open-concept Learning Commons. The authors describe in detail the sustainable gardens project that asks students to consider local conditions in choosing their design and which flora and fauna to include. Includes a rubric which can be applied to similar projects elsewhere.

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Counting the real costs of cars

An activity for high school students and adults
From "Teaching About Climate Change"

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The Mathematics of Trash

Multiplication and graphing exercises for upper elementary students which demonstrate the magnitude of waste produced by modern society.

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Map Interpretation and the Language of Maps

A basic introduction to maps in environmental education, and the techniques of how to map a natural area.

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