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Ecojustice Education through Pictures, by Erin Sperling (All ages; GT111)

Integrated, Social Justice Learning for Those At-Risk, by Natalie Zayas Delgado (Ages 10-19; GT109)

Climate Justice in the Classroom, by Ryan Cho (Ages 14-19; GT107)

Environmental Education in Impoverished Communities, by Donald Hammond (Ages 14-19; GT96)

Food Justice Empowers Teenagers, by Gwendolyn Eden (Ages 14-19; GT96)

Unleashing Blessed Unrest As the Heating Happens, by David Selby and Fumiyo Kagawa  (Ages 14-19; GT94)

Environmental Justice in the Azores, by Alison Neilson (All ages; GT92)

Social Justice and Language Arts, by Christopher Greenslate (Ages 14-19; GT80)