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The Future of Evolution

A lesson that puts the topic of evolution into the hands of your fourth through eighth grade students

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Educator’s Summit at Antioch University

What if the 31,820+ middle and high schools in the United States turned their 47-­‐minute classes toward solving air pollution, water shortages and the many other problems associated with climate change?

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World as ‘Lasting Storm’: Educating for Disaster Risk Reduction

Now recognized globally as an important and urgent educational focus, here is a framework and 6 activities to enable you to educate for disaster risk reduction
By David Selby and Fumiyo Kagawa
Read the full article from Green Teacher's Summer 2013 issue.

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Visualizing More Sustainable Futures

Contemporary education ignores the future but sustainability education requires it. Here’s a compelling rationale and some activities that will help young people think more critically and creatively about the future.

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Activity: Climate Change Denial

Exploring the phenomenon of climate change denial, what lies behind it and the dangers it presents, and considering what might be done.
An activity from "Unleashing blessed unrest as the heating happens," Green Teacher 94, Fall 2011

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Is climate change good for us?

An activity for exploring how changes in climate could affect daily life and influence the economy of a region.
From the book "Teaching About Climate Change"

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Counting the real costs of cars

An activity for high school students and adults
From "Teaching About Climate Change"

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The Clean Air Game

A fun, active outdoor game for helping students visualize how human activities enhance the natural greenhouse effect.

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The Carbon Dioxide Game

A fun, active outdoor game for helping students visualize how human activities enhance the natural greenhouse effect.

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Rethinking Climate Change Education

Apart from teaching about climate change from a scientific perspective, developing attitudes and behaviors that will enable people to mitigate and adapt to climate change will require a holistic approach—the authors detail six important components which could form the basis for such an approach. (Appropriate for grades 7 and up)

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Climate Change Education in Worcestershire Schools

Schools in Worcestershire county, England have been some of the most successful in the world in integrating climate change education into their curriculum. They used a Learning for Sustainability framework, which emphasizes a combination of outdoor learning, critical thinking, and creative responses.

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Climate Change Treasure Hunt

An engaging, awareness-raising activity for grades 4-10 in which students learn about the positive and negative impacts on climate change of various things and places on school campuses and at nature centres and other sites. Young people are given the opportunity to think of ways of using or doing these things differently to reduce their environmental impact.

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Unleashing Blessed Unrest As the Heating Happens (Activities)

Originally appears in the Fall 2011 issue

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Climántica: A Web 2.0 Education Project

A large, innovative climate change learning project in Spain uses online technologies to widely disseminate curriculum units and host an interactive exchange of student-led lessons and ideas.

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Climate Change Summits for Teens

How partnering with university faculty to host climate change summits for teens in New Jersey has motivated students to educate their own communities.

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Follow the Light Energy from the Sun

An activity in which elementary students learn how greenhouse gases influence climate change by simulating the path of light energy from the sun.

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