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Posts tagged ‘health’

Turn The Key To Be Idle Free

Implementing No Idle Zones in schools helps the environment and improves student’s health

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Slow Cookers for Kids

A unique way to build an interest in, and the skills needed to cook healthy local foods

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Just Add Water

How the student-driven Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal Program is changing the way we deal with leftover meds

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Inspiring Eco-Clubs in South India

A description of how an organic farming program at impoverished schools in south India has improved health, and increased environmental awareness and self esteem amongst students, teachers, and communities.

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Healthy Bodies, Healthy Oceans

A strategy for promoting ocean literacy for ages 12-16 by emphasizing the connections between personal and pelagic health

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Growing a Just Society: Linking Trade, Human Rights and the Environment

This series of activities and games helps student understand that a healthy environment is a human right, and how global trade and consumer choices affect those rights.

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