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Posts tagged ‘observation’

Observation-Focused Nature Journaling

Tips and lesson ideas that help students notice the unexplored beauty of nature

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Science in Season

Starting from what they know, k-8 students can become classroom phenologists with these observational activities.

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The Art of Observation

Learning the methods of scientific observation can make science inquiry more interesting and meaningful

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Nature Mapping

Schoolyard nature mapping teaches basic mapping techniques and encourages close observation of plants and animals through the seasons.

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Dig, Measure and Observe

Independent work stations develop science skills during guided reading group instruction in the primary grades.

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Getting Down and Dirty: Studying Soil Samples from Around the Country

An activity for upper elementary students in which soil samples from around the country are exchanged and evaluated. Students gain knowledge of the correlation between soil composition and different kinds of terrain, and why different soils have greatly varied qualities.

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