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Posts tagged ‘seasons’

The Pathway to Stewardship

How to develop a community-wide strategy to nurture environmental stewardship in children and teens

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Science in Season

Starting from what they know, k-8 students can become classroom phenologists with these observational activities.

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Marvelous Migration

Once a buzzword amongst the gardening community, the principles of permaculture are now being applied to early childhood education

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Conquering Nature Deficit Disorder with Phenology

As a biology teacher in the early 1980's, Larry Weber noticed that students were not going outside as they did earlier. They also seemed to be unaware of common local flora and fauna.

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Nature Mapping

Schoolyard nature mapping teaches basic mapping techniques and encourages close observation of plants and animals through the seasons.

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Traditional Legends: Meanings on Many Levels

An introductory lesson for teenagers in astronomy, using an Indigenous legend as a guide for observing celestial changes through the seasons

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