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Teaching Young People about Climate Change

We’re excited to announce the publication of our newest book.  Teaching Young People about Climate Change will be available in February 2018. This 80-page book brings together 20 articles and many activities from Green Teacher magazine to aid any educator in tackling this essential topic with K-8 students. The activities have the capacity to help young people appreciate the energy forms, solar cooking techniques, options for sustainable transportation, and much more.

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Finding a Place for Science

Letting place guide standards-based curriculum development for grades three and four

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From Footprints to Thoughtprints

While most environmental teaching focuses on actions required to solve environmental problems, it does little to challenge the underlying attitudes and assumptions which led to these problems in the first place. Stephen K. Goobie encourages educators to tackle not only our ecological footprints, but also our ecological “thoughtprints”.

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Swimming with Animals

Using simple swimming lessons to foster connections to other life forms and appreciation of what they have to teach us.

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Greening the Elementary Education Curriculum One Course at a Time

Tips for incorporating environmental education into elementary teachers college courses.

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