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Have You Watched Our Videos Yet?

After a number of educators shared their videos of innovative learning strategies with us, we posted our first set for anyone to freely view.

You will find within them practical ideas such as using GoogleEarth for an invasive plant survey, or of schools that take students on weekly field trips to enhance their personal development and sustainability more generally. Learn how to prepare waste free lunches and to build comfy bug houses.

Click here to enjoy these videos and don’t forget to tell your friends about them.

Reminder: Send Us Your Videos!

If  you have developed a short video about an innovative green learning strategy, let us promote it to the world. We would post it on our website and promote it via social media.  Five minutes is an ideal length. Click here to find more information about technical suggestions, how to get started and for more details about what we are looking for. Have questions?   Contact us at

Green Teacher 112, Winter 2017

Why Learn about Insects?, Snakes Alive!, Green Commuting Challenge, Conservation Animation, Citizenship-building via Marine Debris Surveys, Finding a Place for Science, Introducing Students to Landscape Architecture, Invasive Species: You’re Not Welcome Here!, Taking Action Against Invasive Species, Exploring Antarctica through Art, Becoming an Ecologiser

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Becoming an Ecologiser

Role-play and story-making encourage young people to explore anthropocentrism and earthcentrism

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Exploring Antarctica through Art

How to stimulate student engagement with Antarctica’s ecosystems, both above and beneath the ocean surface

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Students Take Action Against Invasive Species

Using hands-on exploration and media as an educational tool in schools

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Invasive Species: You’re Not Welcome Here!

Guide your third through fifth grade students through interactive activities about invasive species

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Introducing Students to Landscape Architecture

Classroom activities spotlight a creative career choice that helps the environment

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Finding a Place for Science

Letting place guide standards-based curriculum development for grades three and four

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Citizenship-building via Marine Debris Surveys

Empowering urban teens to become environmental stewards through socio-ecological mapping and data collection

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Conservation Animation

Creating animated videos with high school students to encourage local conservation

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Green Commuting Challenge

How a suburban middle school radically increased the number of students walking and reduced car traffic to the school

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Snakes Alive!

Run…but where…from snakes or to snakes?

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Why Learn about Insects?

Unlearning inherent fears around bugs will net endless fascination for young people

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Riding the Waves of EBE

Integrated environment-based education offers young students lessons in literacy, social studies, and science

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An Intergenerational Care Game

Youngsters re-enact some of life’s essential dramas in a game that builds both knowledge and empathy

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