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 Explore the importance of multiculturalism in environmental education with Belinda Chin, Parks and Recreation Program Coordinator. Seattle, WA  Explore the perspective of India’s environmental education about how vital environmental programs are in the development of kids and teens.
 See how Google Earth was used as a tool to manage data from an invasive plant survey at a school in Vermont. Learn how to dissect a mushroom in 10 minutes. From setting up a workstation to some fun activities you can use in your classroom or at home. It is an easy and quick hands-on experience for everyone.
 Cooper Chicken teach us how to pack a healthy and waste-free lunch!  In this northern school, grade 6-12 students explore their natural and cultural environment and resource-based economy to foster collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.
 A profile of an inner-city alternative high school that is focused on social justice and sustainability.  See how this K-12 charter school in Wisconsin empower students to become high-achieving, life-long learners through the exploration of science and technology.
 Learn how to build a house for beneficial bugs and improve the local eco-system. Weekly field experiences bring the classrooms outdoors and outdoors and inspire K12 students to be passionate stewards and involved citizens.
In this school, grade 7-12 students are free and encouraged to become their true selves and a place where success is chosen and achieved.