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Culture, Justice, and Environment

Helping students explore the roots of environmental problems

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Interviewing a Sea Lion

Using video and other social media to advance environmental activism in teens

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Sustainable Futures: An Interdisciplinary Unit at the Australian Science and Maths School

Students at a specialized senior science and math high school in Australia enjoy an interdisciplinary curriculum, within a new building where more than half of the floor spaces is comprised of open-concept Learning Commons. The authors describe in detail the sustainable gardens project that asks students to consider local conditions in choosing their design and which flora and fauna to include. Includes a rubric which can be applied to similar projects elsewhere.

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No Accident: Successful Field Trips

Tips for non-formal and formal youth educators on how to connect with children ages 9-14 and keep them focused during outdoor field trips.

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Introducing Biomimicry

Activities for elementary, middle, and high school students which examine products that use less energy and have fewer toxic components because they are inspired by designs in nature. Integrating the hopeful science of biomimicry into the curriculum provides opportunities for creative problem-solving exercises that challenge them to think, to ask questions and to create in a collaborative setting.

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The Mystery of the Missing Mayflies

How to lead grades 5-8 students in inquiry-based field investigations of their local waterways.

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