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This is what others think about this book

“Teaching teens about climate change has to be one of the most important things that can happen in a high school, but for many teachers it is a real head-scratcher: how to cover the science and the solutions, while engaging the students in a vibrant discussion, and yet not making them feel depressed and afraid? Green Teacher’s Teaching Teens about Climate Change is a godsend, packed with proven interactive classroom exercises and role-plays. All science and geography teachers would do well to get a copy.”

Guy Dauncey, the author of many books including The Climate Challenge: 101 Solutions to Global Warming, and Journey to the Future: A Better World is Possible.


“With much of the world still struggling to take the urgency of climate change seriously, teachers have a huge role to play. Teaching Climate Change to Teenagers provides excellent entry points.
Grab this book and get at it!”

Paul Berger, Chair, Graduate Studies and Research in Education, Lakehead University


“Teaching Teens about Climate Change is the right book at the right time! In this post-truth era, when public opinion is shaped by appeals to emotion and unsubstantiated personal opinion, never has it been more important to provide youth with opportunities to engage in hands-on, minds-on activities that allow them to explore the complex issue that is climate change.The examples and teaching strategies provided here will engage students and help them develop the critical thinking skills
they will need as citizens of this era.”

Craig White, retired Science Curriculum Consultant, Department of Education,
Newfoundland and Labrador


“Now more than ever we need a resource like this. I always turn to (and share) Green Teacher resources as they focus on environmental education in action. This new resource is just what we need; inspiring stories that integrate the content of climate change with excellent pedagogy and student engagement.”

Jennifer Cirillo, Director of Professional Development, Shelburne Farms, Vermont


“Climate change is one of the world’s greatest 21st century challenges. It is dynamic and ever changing. We have a responsibility to future generations to prepare students today to tackle this issue which interweaves environmental, political, economic and social systems. It will require a broad base of knowledge, skills, creativity and innovation to find positive solutions to this complex issue. This text arms
educators with tools for advancing their climate education lessons.”

Susan Schuller, Senior Outreach Specialist, Green and Healthy Schools Wisconsin


Educators are challenged to find ways to allow youth to live in a time of inevitable climate change while nurturing what comes to them naturally, an embodied integration into the wonder and awe of the places they live. Teaching Teens about Climate Change provides positive and practical approaches for understanding the essential relationship between humans and the larger living world.”

Patrick Howard, Associate Professor, Department of Education,
Cape Breton University, Sydney, Nova Scotia