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Green Teacher 35, Oct-Nov 1993


Editorial – “Environmental education and sustainable development: an uneasy alliance” by Bob Jickling

Getting to the heart of sustainable development by D. Scott Slocombe
At its best, sustainable development challenges educators to teach basic understanding of ecosystems and economies.

Sustainability vs sustainable development by Suzana M. Padua
The difficulty of achieving sustainability in both the north and the south underscores the importance of global education.

Education, not ideology by Milton McClaren
Recently, some have argued that environmental education be replaced by education for sustainable development. But to educate “for” any ideology is indoctrination, not education.

Promoting agricultural sustainability by Alison Howells
Describes the current disconnect between farmers and consumers, and the Tular Project, which helps foster the relationship between agriculture, students and consumers.

Living systems: the stuff of sustainability by Victor Elderton
Observing the intricate relationships that exist in natural systems can lead to a better understanding of the meaning of sustainability.

On the antlers of a dilemma by Susan Gesner
Written to teach secondary students about the sustainable use of Ontario’s boreal forests, this activity may be adapted for use in any region where economic interests compete with environmental concerns in land use decisions.

Earthquest: A life-changing high school semester by Marilyn Taylor
An outdoor school in Vernon, British Columbia, which provides influential outdoor education semesters.

The great pesticide debate by Robert Hart
A role playing game which promotes environmental awareness.

A winter composting experiment by Mike Lamothe
An experiment to discover how to keep compost cooking all winter long.

The greening of high school language arts by George Wilson
Environmental and global education need not be an add-on to the Language Arts program. Green themes can be explored in journal writing, reading and media studies.

And as always, over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

(This issue available as photocopy only)

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