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Green Teacher 39, Jun-Sept 1994


Fundraising for the planet by Tim Grant
Three teachers prove that fundraising at schools can promote global responsibility.

Two-wheeler outings by Tim Grant

Humane Education: the Ultima Thule of global education: Part one by David Selby
A survey of the field, exploring its connection with human rights and environmental education.

Animal Suffering
An activity to increase students’ understanding of suffering.

Where do we draw the line?
An activity to clarify students’ own thoughts, feelings and values concerning human use of animals.

Acting locally: on site science by Terry Dunbar
An innovative science program trains teachers to use their own schoolyards as environmental laboratories.

A Balanced Curriculum by Claudia Smith
Using the spring and fall equinoxes as inspiration for a multidisciplinary mini-unit for primary grades on the concepts of equilibrium and balance.

L’environnement a travers le curriculum by Diane Pruneau
Des idées pratiques pour intégrer l’éducation relative à l’environnement dans les matières du primaire.

It’s not easy bein’ green by D. Gary Hobbs
Is your students’ interest in the environment flagging? Are you having trouble attracting male students to environmental clubs? Well then, you’re not alone.

Ten steps to becoming an environmentalist by Judy Kuechle

Mysterious earthly encounters by Alan Warner and George Taylor
Using the storyline method of integrated learning in Earth Education.

Saving turtles and inventing the future by Gareth Thomson
A conservation project in Costa Rica leads to the education and development of an entire community.

4-H is 4 U by Sharon McCarthy
With the motto Learn to do by doing, 4-H Clubs offer both rural and urban youth an opportunity to develop leadership skills while working on meaningful projects in school and community.

Healthy Schools: Carbon Monoxide: An Exhausting Subject by Lynda Cuddy

North America’s environmental education organizations (listing)

And as always, over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

(This issue available as photocopy only)

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