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Green Teacher 63, Fall 2000


Environmental Literature: The Power of Stories by Sue Christian Parsons
Stories help to push back the walls of the classroom, providing the experience and relationship with which all effective environmental education begins. The author offers advice about using stories in classrooms and provides an annotated list of recommended storybooks.

Addressing the Educational Challenges of Climate Change by Milton McClaren and William Hammond
To meet the complex and challenging task of teaching about climate change, this article outlines the five fundamental concepts upon which any well designed program of climate change education should be based.

Taking Action on Climate Change — Inside and Outside our Schools by Denise Philippe and Richard Kool
The authors outline actions that help students develop a more concrete understanding of the challenges of, and the solutions to climate change. Those inside the school promote energy, waste and water conservation, while those outside the building include naturalization projects and rooftop gardening.

Going Off Ramp: A Car Trip Reduction Plan for High Schools by Arthur Orsini
This article outlines three important steps for creating a successful program that encourages students to find alternatives to driving to and from school. Also included is a ready to use survey that asks students to explain why they travel to school as they do.

The Clean Air Game by Deborah Avolone-King
The Earthminders’ Clean Air Game is reproduced as a 2 page board game. Along with the author’s introduction, the game helps to acquaint students of all ages with sources and types of air pollutants, with the impact of air pollution on the health of people and the environment, and with actions individuals can take to prevent air pollution.

Cycling for a Better World by Gilles Belisle
A bikeathon or “solidarity ride” enables students to take action on climate change by fundraising for overseas projects that reduce desertification while at the same time lobbying for more bike paths and other improvements in their own communities.

Solar Electricity: The Optimistic Alternative by Robert Vogl and Sonia Vogl
This article outlines hands-on activities that familiarize students in the middle grades and up with solar electricity. A supplementary article gauges the current potential of this emerging technology.

Water Across the Curriculum by Meredith D. Cargill
The author provides several interdisciplinary activities for middle years students that explore the science, history and artistic aspects of water.

Inside the Internet: Government Eco-sites by Katharine Isbell
This column profiles government eco-websites and what they offer teachers and students.

And as always, over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

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