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Green Teacher 70, Spring 2003


Teaching for the Future: Systems Thinking and Sustainability by John Goekler
To create a greener, more peaceful future, we need a shared vision based on a new worldview. Teachers can begin with simple, non-threatening exercises that challenge students’ mental models.

Green Entrepreneurship: Strategies for a Growing Business by Eve Pranis
A school garden business, no matter the size, builds skills and fulfills learning goals across the curriculum.

The Skeptical Surfer: Web Research and Critical Thinking on Controversial Issues by Joanne Harris
Assigning research projects in which students must use the Internet as a source of information teaches them how to critically assess the reliability of material found on the Internet.

Ethnobotanical Gardens: Celebrating the link between human culture and natural world by Illène Pevec
An ethnobotanical garden can unite young and old in exploring the history, ecology and culture of the community.

Evaluating Environmental Education Software: A Matter of Principles by Janet Pivnick
Computer software can enhance environmental education. Janet Pivnick provides a guide to some of the many questions to ask and criteria to apply when determining whether an educational software package is of value.

The Carbon Dioxide Game by Sashi Kaufman
A fun, active outdoor game for helping students visualize how human activities enhance the natural greenhouse effect.

Forces of Nature: Summer Work School in Iceland by Sharon A. Hollander
Short days, chilly weather and daunting travel conditions are significant obstacles to field trips during the school year. The good news is that environmental education is alive and well in Iceland during the summer.

Inside the Internet: Where in the World? by Katharine Isbell

And as always, over 20 new educational resources are profiled and evaluated in this issue of Green Teacher.

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