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Green Teacher 83, Spring 2008


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Green Tsunami Rising: Environmental Education’s Third Wave by Mike Weilbacher
How can environmental educators prepare to exploit the current surge of interest in all things “green” to promote environmental literacy? Mike Weilbacher offers tips for riding the next green wave

Stormwater Runoff: Understanding the Ecological Impacts of Changing Land Uses by Joan Chadde
In this unit for ages 10 to 14, students learn how land use changes can reduce the water quality of nearby lakes and streams, calculate runoff from their school grounds and investigate best management practices

Planet Transit: Profit or Survival? by Georgi Marshall
A game of economic development choices and consequences for Grades 9 and up (ages 14+)

The TREK Program by Antony Blaikie
For 20 years, this alternative Grade 10 program has offered students wilderness adventures combined with education for sustainability

Climate Change and Regional Geography by Talia Epstein
Climate change can bring an immediate and pressing relevance to the study of geography, coaxing new ideas out of worn textbooks

Water: Local Pollution, Global Confusion! by Amanda Freedman Tetrault
Activities for raising awareness of water quality problems and solutions, locally and globally, with middle school students

Moving Toward Sustainability? The Face of Environmental Education in Singapore by Bryan Wee
The challenges of educating for sustainability in one of the world’s most highly urbanized settings

Singapore Sensory Trail by Richard Frazier
In this inter-cultural and inter-generational community project, expatriate students designed an interpretive trail to provide access to nature for visually impaired citizens of Singapore

Educational Resources Reviewed

Ecological Literacy (David Orr)
Garden Mosaics (Cornell University)
Eco-Games (Jennifer Baron)
Teaching Science for Social Justice (Angela Calabrese Barton)
Practical Science for Gardeners (Mary Pratt)
Animal Architects (John Nicholson)
Nature’s Operating Instructions (Ken Ausubel, Ed.)
Biodiesel Power (Lyle Estill)
Let’s Get Going! (Candace Weisner)
The Magic of Ecology (Steve Trash)
Rethinking Mathematics (Eric Gustein and Bob Peterson, Eds.)
Green Dollhouse (Sustainable San Mateo County)
Cultural Uses of Plants (Gabriell DeBear Paye)
SelfDesign (Brett Cameron and Barbara Meyer)
Educating Citizens for Global Awareness (Nel Noddings)
Miracle Planet (NFB Canada and NHK Japan)
Feng Shui for the Classroom (Renée Heiss)
The Web at Dragonfly Pond (Brian “Fox” Ellis)
So What, Saw-Whet? (Rochelle Frank)
Three Tall Trees (David Weale)
Rachel Carson: Preserving a Sense of Wonder (Joseph Bruchac)

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