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Green Teacher 85, Summer 2009


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Creating Earth Adventures: Self-Guided Programs to Connect Children with Nature by Alan Warner
Creating self-guided outdoor learning experiences that help 5-12 year old children appreciate a specific natural area and understand its connections with a larger context

Humane Education: A Foundation for Connecting with All of Earth’s Inhabitants by Robert S.E. Caine
Activities to integrate humane values – especially the merits of kindness and empathy towards all creatures – into curricula for all grade levels

Teaching Carbon Regulation in the High School Classroom by Bruce Taterka
A simulation that compares carbon taxes vs. cap-and-trade and other carbon regulatory systems
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Environmental Writing Projects: Empowering Students, Documenting the Natural World by Jan D. Wellik
Writing based on hands-on research teaches environmental science and develops literacy skills for grades 6-12 students

Greening the Elementary Education Curriculum One Course at a Time by Penelope Wong
Tips for incorporating environmental education into elementary teachers college courses

Field Backpacks: Keeping Track of the Tools of the Trade by Terry Tomasek
Step-by-step instructions on how to construct and use homemade field backpacks for children 5 – 12

EE Collaboration in the US-Mexico Border Region by Jose Marcos-Iga, Kristin Mock and Kristina Erny
A spotlight on international collaboration to promote environmental education as a tool to improve the environment of the US-Mexico border region

Pedal-Power Outreach by Courtney Howard
How to organize bicycle expeditions from residential centers to the schools they serve, to promote environmental awareness

Making Natural Connections by Susan Pass and Christine Mosley
Two lessons help students at all grade levels to draw interdisciplinary connections between social studies and ecology, and to integrate civics, science and mathematics

Educational Resources Reviewed

Linking Architecture and Education: Sustainable Design for Learning Environments (Anne Taylor)
EcoTipping Points website
Big Ideas (The Center for Ecoliteracy)
The Man Who Planted Trees (Jean Giorno)
How to Turn Your Parents Green (James Russell)
Arctic Mission (National Film Board of Canada)
As If The Earth Matters (Thom Henley and Kenny Peavy)
The Whale Game  (Environmental Education Games)
Eagle Eye: A Life and Death Tale of Ecological Intrigue (Peter Donaldson)
Exceptional Women Environmentalists (Frances Mooney)
Beauty Muse: Painting in Communion with Nature (Lisa Lipsett)
Childhood and Nature: Design Principles for Educators (David Sobel)
Toxic Trespass (National Film Board of Canada & If You Love Our Children Productions)
Nature Writing Field Guide for Teachers (Jan Wellik)
Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond – Volume 1: Guiding Principles to Welcome Rain into Your Life and Landscape (Brad Lancaster)
Where Do The Children Play? (Michigan Television)
Mapping Our World Using GIS (ESRI Press)
A Sense of Wonder (Sense of Wonder Productions)
Pippa’s First Summer (Catherine Badgley)
Hands-on Herpetology: Exploring Ecology and Conservation (Rebecca Schneider, Marianne Krasny & Stephen Morreale)
Amazing Animal Adventures Around the World (Brian Keating)
Wetlands and the World (Ducks Unlimited Canada)
Green’s Not Black & White: The Balanced Guide to Making Eco Decisions (Dominic Murin)
Beginner’s Guide to Community-Based Arts (Keith Knight & Mat Schwarzman)
Earth Matters (Population Connection)

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