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Green Teacher 89, Summer 2010


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Fear and Facing the Future by Richard Kool
Dr. Kool examines which philosophical outlooks towards the future we should encourage in our youth if they are to overcome fear and fight for a better future

Growing Behavior Change by Catherine Game, Andrea Liberatore, Ericka Popovich and Michaela Zint
Strategies for making positive changes in students’ behaviors and attitudes towards the environment, whether students are taught on a short- or long-term basis (For all ages)

Localism as a Guiding Framework for Schools by Sheila Giesbrecht
Placing more focus on local issues in educational programs can serve to deepen students’ understanding of global issues, and increase caring and enthusiasm for learning

Rethinking Climate Change Education by Rosalyn McKeown and Charles Hopkins
Apart from teaching about climate change from a scientific perspective, developing attitudes and behaviors that will enable people to mitigate and adapt to climate change will require a holistic approach—the authors detail six important components which could form the basis for such an approach (Appropriate for grades 7 and up)

Inspiring Eco-Clubs in South India by Vanya Orr and Mohan Kumar
A description of how an organic farming program at impoverished schools in south India has improved health, and increased environmental awareness and self esteem amongst students, teachers, and communities

Teaching Sustainability with Two Buckets by Sarah Laimon
Constructing, and experimenting with, self-watering container-based food gardens can serve as a springboard for introducing concepts of sustainability, permaculture, and systems thinking to grades 5 and up

Connecting to Nature through Art by Dawn Malosh
Creating illustrated journals of natural life in or near schoolyards helps to develop elementary students’ understanding of nature, art, and higher-level thinking processes such as valuation and analysis

The Mathematics of Trash by Kate Nelson
Multiplication and graphing exercises for upper elementary students which demonstrate the magnitude of waste produced by modern society

A Window into the Wild by Dawn R. Tanner
A project for upper elementary or middle school students, making use of remote cameras to monitor the presence of wildlife in the schoolyard as a stepping stone towards learning about habitat fragmentation and wildlife management

Educational Resources Reviewed

Nature’s Playground: Activities, Crafts, and Games to Encourage Children to Get Outdoors (Fiona Danks)
The Sustainable High Schools Kit online resource (Sierra Club BC)
The Journey of Community Change: A How-to Guide for Healthy Communities–Healthy Youth Initiatives (Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner)
Aquatic Habitats: Exploring Desktop Ponds (Katherine Barrett and Carolyn Willard)
A Child’s Garden (Molly Dannenmaier)
Vermont Farm to School Kit: A Guide for Using Local Foods in SchoolsA Guide for Connecting Farms to Schools and Communities;Grow Up Fresh DVD (Vermont FEED)
Story of Stuff video (Annie Leonard)
Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature (Jon Young, Ellen Haas and Evan McGown)
Ethnobotany Explorers (Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Glencoe)
Deer World (Dave Taylor)
Suzuki Speaks DVD (Avanti Pictures)
A Worm’s Eye View: The History of the World (Caren Trafford)
The Power Quest (Linda Laepple)
Young People, Education, and Sustainable Development: Exploring Principles, Perspectives, and Praxis (Peter Blaze Corcoran and Philip M. Osano, ed.)
Champions of the Wilderness (Bruce and Carol Malnor)
Teaching Kids to Change the World: Lessons to Inspire Social Responsibility for Grades 6-12 (Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner and Chris Maser)
Ryan and Jimmy: And the Well in Africa that Brought Them Together (Herb Shoveller)
The Charcoal Forest: How Fire Helps Animals and Plants (Beth A. Peluso)
Hands-On Ecology: Real-Life Activities for Kids (Colleen Kessler)
High Performance School Buildings: Resource and Strategy Guide (Sustainable Buildings Industry Council)
Growing Trees from Seed (Henry Kock)
Mediacology (Antonio Lopez)
Water Inspectors: Examining H2O (University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources)
Crapshoot: The Gamble with Our Wastes DVD (Jeff McKay)
Crude Impact DVD (Vista Clara Films)
Good Earth Art (MaryAnn Kohl and Cindy Gainer)
How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate (Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch)
Born with a Bang; From Lava to Life; Mammals Who Morph book trilogy (Jennifer Morgan)

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