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Green Teacher 90, Fall 2010


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Green Schools Programs by Kate Hofmann
An overview of the green schools movement in North America and worldwide, including examples of successful green schools programs and their environmental and academic benefits. Includes recommendations for schools interested in implementing such programs

Climate Change Education in Worcestershire Schools by Rupert Brakspear
Schools in Worcestershire county, England have been some of the most successful in the world in integrating climate change education into their curriculum. They used a Learning for Sustainability framework, which emphasizes a combination of outdoor learning, critical thinking, and creative responses

Local Lore by Patrick Keegan
Creating a museum-style exhibit which displays local historical stories can provide upper elementary or middle school students with a deep-seated sense of place and foster motivation to learn about history and social science topics

An Inquiry Lesson in Resource Conservation by Tiffany Hesser, Matthew Griffith and Victoria Raucci
An interactive learning activity for grades K-4 and adaptable for higher grades, which helps students grasp the interrelated concepts of resources, depletion of nonrenewable resources, and resource conservation

Biosphere Education by Jeremy Rifkin
Programs that encourage young people to become empathetic are an important complement to those that help make ecological connections

Tales from the Trail by Brian “Fox” Ellis
Writing about a personal outdoor adventure for an eco-tourism web site can promote both ecological awareness and language skills for students aged 14 and up

Biological Monitoring Programs for K-12 Students by Lynna Marie Kaucheck and Thomas Marcinkowski (Free article)
Participating in programs which monitor various wild species can provide K-12 students with deeper understandings of environmental issues while involving them in genuine science, building confidence, and developing a sense of civic responsibility. Includes detailed listings of biological monitoring programs across North America that involve students

Wonderful Wildlife Web by Sarah M. Schwartz
An activity for ages 5-8 in which children learn about the interdependence of forest species—both between animals, and between animals and their organic habitats, by assuming the roles of these species

Sustainable Design for a Bountiful Future by Ben Wheeler
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Creative and critical-thinking activities for engaging teenagers in “humanity’s 21st century group project”—sustainable design. Students learn about sustainability in the production and consumption of material goods, and apply their knowledge to design sustainable products

Educational Resources Reviewed

The Green Teen: the Eco-Friendly Teen’s Guide to Saving the Planet (Jenn Savedge)
Nourishing Choices: Implementing Food Education in Classrooms, Cafeterias, and Schoolyards (Eve Pranis)
Frank Lloyd Wright for Kids (Kathleen Thorne-Thomsen)
Trouble on the St. Johns River (Jane R. Wood)
The World Needs Your Kid: How to Raise Children Who Care and Contribute (Craig Kielburger, Marc Kielburger, Shelley Page)
Global Warming for Beginners (Dean Goodwin)
Recipes for Disaster DVD (John Webster)
The Best of Valley Quest: Treasure Hunts to Special Places (Steven Glazer & Laura Dintino, ed.)
Black & Brown Faces in America’s Wild Places (Dudley Edmondson)
The Learning Garden: Ecology, Teaching, and Transformation (Veronica Gaylie)
Fields of Green: Restoring Culture, Environment, and Education (Marcia McKenzie, Paul Hart, Heesoon Bai and Bob Jickling, ed.)
Explorations into Water Teaching Curriculum (Rain Bird Corporation)
A Natural Sense of Wonder (Rick Van Noy)
Rethinking Early Childhood Education (Ann Pelo, ed.)
Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter (Cali A. Letts and Jeanne M. Moe)
Great Peacemakers: True Stories from Around the World (Ken Beller and Heather Chase)
The Voyage of the Beetle: A Journey around the World with Charles Darwin and the Search for the Solution to the Mystery of Mysteries, as narrated by Rosie, an Articulate Beetle (Anne Weaver)
The Forever Forest: Kids Save a Tropical Treasure (Kristin Joy Pratt-Serafini with Rachel Crandell)
Little Skink’s Tail (Janet Halfmann, illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein)
Powwow’s Coming (Linda Boyden)
The Island (Armin Greder)
Whole World (illustrated by Christopher Corr, sung by Fred Penner)
Wind the World Over (Irene Boland and Vanessa Kellogg, illustrated by Tamberley Thomas)

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