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Books from Green Teacher

“Teaching Green” series of books

Each of these large-format paperbacks contain over 50 of the best teaching strategies and activities contributed to Green Teacher during the past decade, which were updated and revised to create these age-appropriate collections. Readers will find a wealth of kid-tested ideas contributed by educators from across North America and covering a wide spectrum of environmental topics, from biodiversity to resource consumption to green technology, geared at either elementary, middle, or high school students.


Teaching Green – The Elementary Years

Teaching Green – The Middle Years

Teaching Green – The High School Years


New from Green Teacher:

InvasiveSpeciesCoverFinalTeaching About Invasive Species

Teaching About Invasive Species is designed as a took kit. Whether working inside or outside schools, youth educators will find in Green Teacher’s new book the innovative perspectives, program ideas, games and activities that they need to engage young people from 6-19 years of age in this challenging topic.


Other books from Green Teacher:


Teaching About Climate Change (sold out)

Helping teachers and students to tackle the challenging topic of climate change, this anthology offers a framework for teaching fundamental concepts and a variety of activities that can be undertaken in school, at home or in the community. Teachers will find practical ideas for making the intangibles of climate change more concrete to students, including experiments that demonstrate the greenhouse effect, school energy and waste audits, and hands-on explorations of energy and transportation alternatives from solar cookers to bike-a-thons.



 Greening School Grounds Ebook now available (Print copies –Sold Out)

Schoolyard “greening” is an excellent way to promote hands-on, interdisciplinary learning through projects that benefit schools and increase green space and biodiversity in communities. In this popular anthology from Green Teacher magazine, readers will find step-by-step instructions for numerous schoolyard projects, from tree nurseries to school composting to native plant gardens, along with ideas for enhancing learning by addressing the diverse needs of students.

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  1. Can I get the “Teaching About Climate Change” in Bangladesh?

    August 14, 2016

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